CIT International is a non-profit membership organization whose primary purpose is to facilitate understanding, development and implementation of Crisis Intervention Team CIT Programs throughout the U.S. and in other nations worldwide in order to promote and support collaborative efforts to create and sustain more effective interactions among law enforcement, mental health care providers, individuals with mental illness, their families and communities and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

In 2011, Dr. Dvoskin was the keynote speaker in their annual conference, which provides education and networking to help develop, maintain and sustain CIT programs.

Intro to The Stanford Prison Experiment


2011 CIT International Conference

2016 Special Science on Screen Presentation

Dr. Dvoskin was invited to present an introduction prior to the viewing of the documentary, The Stanford Prison Experiment at The Loft Cinema, Tucson, AZ.

Joel Dvoskin, PhD, ABPP (Forensic)