Joel Dvoskin, PhD, ABPP (Forensic)

Public Speaking Topics


Dr. Dvoskin currently has a full-time private practice of forensic psychology. 
He provides: 

  • Forensic psychological services and expert testimony

  • Consultation in the provision of mental health and criminal justice services

  • Expert testimony on civil and criminal matters

  • Consultation in workplace and community violence prevention programs 

  • Training

  • Public speaking services to federal, state, and local governmental agencies, corporations and attorneys.

  • ​Consultation to Law Enforcement Agencies on Active Bystandership and Peer Intervention

  • ​Reducing police Misconduct through Active Bystandership

  • Police misconduct

  • Conditions of confinement and hospitalization

  • Architectural design of psychiatric, correctional, and secure psychiatric buildings

  • Workplace violence prevention and crisis management and response

  • Working with labor organizations

  • Safely managing corporate layoffs

  • Psychological autopsy (psychological investigation of equivocal death or suicide)

  • Suicide prevention

  • Mental health services in correctional and criminal justice settings

  • Mental health services to juvenile correctional facilities

  • Stalking

  • Assessing and preventing the risk of violent behavior

  • Administration of public mental health and criminal justice services

  • Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement and justice agencies